Invest in Mission.

Ways To Give.



Giving has never been simpler. Find out how to Give with My Thrive Church.


Send a dollar amount to 84321. Follow the prompts for one-time setup.


Contribute in person with cash or check during service.

Why We Give


Our mission is entirely supported through the faithful giving of our congregation.

Financial giving in a church setting is done in two ways: tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches that we worship the Lord by bringing Him our tithe, which is typically 10% of our annual income. When we give above and beyond our tithe, it’s called an offering.

God tells us in His Word that He loves a cheerful giver, which is why we always want to create opportunities to give of our resources as He leads us. There is zero obligation to give, but rather an open avenue of worship to connect fully with the heart of God.

See How Far Your Giving Goes.